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Joe left his post-graduation desk job in November of 2017 to focus on writing songs and getting a band together. In-between recording and café shifts, he managed to trick a few good friends into helping him produce what would become The Dali Llama EP. He then had several cassettes made, and gave these glittery, wonderfully grainy offerings to some other friends. Some of these friends liked the songs, and some of those friends now bring these songs to full life as Fysics.

At the moment we fancy ourselves as folk-arena rock, yet our significant others have told us that we're “experimental pop", “a power-trio with a saxophone", “not really my thing but whatever [citation needed]

We've started selling cassettes and embroidered patches in an effort to increase our clout and profit, and we hope to see you at one of our shows. Live is what we do best. We'll be touring the Greater NorthEast Region this Summer and Fall. For the immediate future you'll be able to catch us all over Brooklyn and Manhattan, mostly eating, but also doing our songs.


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